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Do We Buy Houses That Need Repairs?

Yes, We buy homes in as-is condition. We handle all the repairs that way you can sell your house hassle free.

Am I under any obligation to sell my home if I fill out your Property Information Form?

No! There is no obligation on your side! We will simply review the information, make you an offer, and you choose to accept or reject it, totally your choice!

What is a cash offer?

We purchase your property with a cash price, meaning we use our own money and NOT the bank’s money. This way we don’t have to wait for approval from a third party and can go to settlement ASAP.

What does the term as-is mean?

We will purchase a property with incomplete repairs. As the seller you won’t have to put any time, money or effort into repairing your property before settlement.

Are there any fees or commissions?

There are absolutely no fees or commissions taken out of the sales price. Unlike a typical real estate agent that receives a commission, we actually buy your house.

I still have questions!

Contact us with your question and we’ll be happy to assist you! Call us right now at 410-441-3485.

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